Small Groups

It has been said that grapes grow in clusters.... and this is also true of Christians. We believe as Christians we were not meant to live out our faith alone.  No lone rangers in the Christian life. All living organisms organize in some way. Our small groups is one way of loosely organizing in order to do life together. 

  • Tuesday Night Bible Study

    This group meets at the church building at 6:30 pm on Tuesday nights. The group walks through studies from different bible books in an effort to apply what is learned into everyday life. 

  • Leadership Development Group

    This group gatherings to better understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus and a leader in our particular place in life. The goal is to grow in leaning from God's word the basic principles of Christian leadership in all areas of our life. Further topics will include: reflecting on our Life Story and Self-knowledge, understanding the Gospel and Grace, Prayer, Service, Time, Church, Courage, and Humility. 

  • More groups to come soon.